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03/24/2021 08:25AM
The one by snowbank is Parent so I'm guessing you're talking the one along the southern edge of the park? Hog creek entry is about your only choice, pretty easy 2 hours or so. Coming from the west from like Isabella area sounds like it's not used much if at all after the fire over there years ago
03/24/2021 08:16AM
The Perent lake by Snowbank or the one off Hog Creek? Snowbank and maybe 20-30 minutes. Hog Creek ep and I don't know how long.
03/24/2021 07:44AM
What is best entry point to use getting to Perent Lake and how much time should plan on paddling?
03/24/2021 08:27AM
Hog Creek ep will take you around 2 hours to get into the lake.
03/24/2021 10:41AM
I went last summer when the water was low at end of June and it didn't take us two hours but it was at least hour and a half. Here is my trip report to give you some more intel:

03/24/2021 10:58AM
How is the time from entry point 35?......Getting to the falls
03/24/2021 12:28PM
rtb77: "How is the time from entry point 35?......Getting to the falls"

Since the fire, that route seems to have been greatly reduced in people on it. I'm not sure you'll get a good answer here. Lots of portages, small water, and some closed campsites is all I know.