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01/21/2022 05:18PM
I suppose I could put this in the "On Foot Section", but...

For those of you who have thru-hiked the Kek... or really any BWCA trail... I am coming from the experience of hiking the Superior Hiking Trail (and general trail community) whereas if you come upon a campsite, and it is already occupied... and there is room to pitch your tent you may do so in a 'group camping' style.

I'm also experienced in BWCA paddling when you come upon an occupied campsite you move it along.

What is the standard in this community? Some trails have campsites very far and few between on the hiking trails, so to tell someone to paddle to the next lake, isn't as big of a deal as "hike 5-6 miles" to the next site.

01/23/2022 09:33PM
I'm not a hiker but if I was I would certainly welcome other hikers to share the space. Even though it's called the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, having established and maintained hiking trails would lead me to believe that common hiking protocols should be followed on such trails.