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09/02/2016 05:05PM
This beaver dam will hold you no problem. I would recommend hiking poles or a walking stick for balance and just walk slowly. You will not have a problem. Angleworm is a really pretty trail and a bit more challenging than 14 miles would suggest.
09/01/2016 02:38PM
Planning a hiking trip to the Angleworm trail. I know part of the trail is blocked by flooding from a beaver dam (on the east side of the lake - taking the trail counter-clockwise). I understand that people often cross over the top of the beaver dam to continue the trail.

I have never done so myself, and was wondering if anyone has crossed this (or any beaver dams in general). Is it difficult? I saw this dam last year, and didn't realize that people navigated across it so I turned around. It's pretty good size, and assume it would support us? My brother and I are pretty big guys (275 & 385lbs respectively).

Any thoughts or tips?
09/03/2016 07:18PM
I agree with joe. Been around the loop 4 times in the last couple years, never had a problem with the beaver dam. Hiking poles, or a stick are great for helping with balance