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08/12/2021 04:24PM
I'm thinking of building another stripper for daytrip use. This time I want something that can double as a tandem or solo either by a 3rd seat or paddling it backwards from the stern. I'd like to stay under 40 lbs if possible, so thinking I would have to go no longer than 15 feet? Any suggestions?

08/12/2021 08:31PM
You are looking for what Charlie Wilson called a " Combi" canoe.
Several people have built the Bob's Special from Canoe Craft, and used it as a Combi.
Sitting backwards in the bow seat seems best to me. It only requires two seats, saving weight, and doesn't mess up the center yoke placement.

Compare the Bob's Special to Canoe Crafts Freedom 15, and the Prospector 15.
, and see which you like better.

08/13/2021 08:14AM
Have a look at these plans.

These plans have an option for the cut-in tumblehome like a Northwind 16 by Northstar. Any combi hull should have this. It makes paddling solo so much easier.

Helpful to mount that bow seat pretty far back so it is in better position for solo paddling.
08/13/2021 03:00PM
Sedges - from the Ashes website - 'The Angler’s Day is stable and perfectly suited to anglers, photographers and birdwatchers. Drawings include option for 1 or 2 paddlers and a hard-chine or classic recurved tumblehome'

You're saying to opt for the classic recurved tumblehome over the hard chine?

08/13/2021 03:31PM
I guess I have never seen it called hard-chine, but by definition thats what it is. That shape allows the flare of the hull to be carried higher while still tucking in the gunnel. I think that would be desirable. It also makes installing gunnels a lot easier than with the weird angles you get with a lot of rounded tumblehome.

Stripping that hard chine takes some creativity. I'm sure you can get help with that on this forum.
08/13/2021 07:40PM
Tumblehome for a solo is fine.

It really serves no purpose on a tandem.

Sedges is right. Hard chine tumblehome is tougher to build.

It appears Ashes has modified the Bob's Special.