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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum :: Group Forum: Boat Builders and Repair :: Cutting strips, shout out to Jim D for tip way back in 2015
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01/11/2023 12:09PM
Thanks Jim D for the Minnesota Strip tip you provided me when I began my first boat build in 2015. Today, while cutting strips for a sailboat renovation project, I thought of all the help that you and participants on this board provided me when I first began watercraft projects. Your support kept me going and today I have a blast in the shop and on the water. Much appreciated one and all.

01/13/2023 05:46PM
You are so Welcome Jack ! I remember well conversing with you, as you were building, and also dealing with your Fathers health issues.
I also remember meeting in person at one of MidWest Mtn's Spring events.
Notable members of the MCA, Bob Brown, and Bruce Kunz, were instrumental in helping me along the building process. I've always felt a duty to help others.
The MCA Builders book, though just a thin loose leaf book, had some great info. The Skilsaw method, made it so easy, for a poor boy like me, to make strips, as good as anyone's, costing 10 times as much !
I too am still building. It's a Disease I'm not ready to get the cure for ! Ha !
Great to here from you Jack !