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04/28/2010 01:20PM
Does anyone know about 17" Lowe aluminum canoes? I was wondering what quality they were, weight, overall rating VS Grumman, sturdiness, etc.
There is one for sale for $175.00 that supposed to be in good condition.
04/28/2010 09:18PM
I am not sure about their canoes, but my father bought one of their 14' boats in 1983 that had been built in 1975. I used that boat hard for 18 years before I finally split the hull on Lake Michigan. That boat was very well built. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

04/28/2010 08:56PM
My wifes family has 2 of them. They are 30 plus years old. Very sturdy old canoes. They are not light wt but what aluminum canoe is? It will get you out and back and thats the point isnt it? They were state of the art back when aluminum canoes rooled the waves.