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09/28/2015 08:01PM
Will black ash work well for gunwale material?
09/29/2015 08:13PM
Hi Karl

I'm not familiar with Black Ash.
I've used Green Ash, with no problem.
People use a variety of woods for gunnels.
If Black Ash has similar characteristics, it should be fine. Besure to seal properly.

10/01/2015 09:48PM

Black ash was used a lot for baskets. It bends nicely. I used black ash on the external stems of my Merlin. If I had a stock of 20' black ash, I would not hesitate using it.
10/02/2015 07:13AM
I will have 20 foot and possibly longer.
As much as I can afford to buy in log shape.
In the spring I will have it cut up when the saw mill gets here.
09/29/2015 09:22PM
I have a HUGE supply available to me this winter when some is cut down that I could make available to other builders.
I realize white ash is the preferred material, but I also know that many other woods are used as well.
I may stock up a bunch of 20 foot planks and hang onto them.
09/30/2015 08:32AM
I'd be interested,in some. if you live within reasonable distance !
I'm in NW Central Iowa.