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05/30/2017 10:31AM
Considering a Fall trip into Quetico. Any thoughts plus or minus on getting a boat ride in from Crane and paddling back to Nina Moose.
05/30/2017 11:25AM
Pro: fun, fast, see new areas
Con: expensive

I've done it once and I'd do it again.
05/30/2017 12:41PM
I do something similar, I get a tow from Crane to the Q entries then out through Mudro from Lower Basswood Falls or Friday Bay. Need to get someone to move your car, the tow company will do that for a fee of course, but still cheaper than a 2 way tow.
05/30/2017 05:48PM
I concur, Andersons has always been great.

05/30/2017 06:02PM
IMO insanely expensive. I could do week long drive in fishing outpost camps in Canada for the cost of my son and I with canoe shuttled from Crane Lake. Yes, I have done it years (1994,1996) ago but, I will not pay $800 for round trip shuttle for 2 people w/canoe plus overnight lodging ($250 pp round trip + $100 p canoe + $90 pp American plan overnight lodging) .That's crazy talk IMO. Way too many other options to pay that for shuttle + bunkhouse.
05/30/2017 03:53PM
Andersons does a great job. I do the round trip, often with a different pickup point than the drop point. Allows us to maximize our time in the Q and the boat ride is always fun.
06/01/2017 08:17AM