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06/03/2019 01:34PM
What’s the year on that? I never heard of it.
06/03/2019 12:54PM
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06/03/2019 02:46PM
Well, Amazon has a New copy for $136.10, so $15 may be a steal.

Here's the one review on Amazon:

"First published in 1959, this book is no longer a serious guide for the wilderness canoeist. Rather it is a piece of wilderness Canadiana, in my opinion as much to be treasured as Group of Seven paintings or books by Farley Mowat.

There was no possible way that sales of this book could repay the time and effort and cost invested in its production. It was a labour of love for which Keith had seven helpers: a librarian wife and six children (three boys and three girls). Born in 1909, Keith was paddling canoes by the sinking of the Lusitania. Few persons in the world have ever been deputized to chase and capture draft dodgers fleeing conscription, via canoe. This was Keith's job in 1940. Being thorough, he carefully checked caves. On their walls were prehistoric pictographs, and Keith sent photos to the Royal Ontario Museum. Few book authors, and few consultants to the Canadian National Film Board have had to "live off the land" - with rifle and fishing tackle - writing on lined tablets strapped to their knees, then canoe their way back to civilization.

This was a real Canadian. How proud I am Keith Denis was best man at my wedding in 1970."
06/05/2019 12:02PM
TomT: "What’s the year on that? I never heard of it. "

06/05/2019 07:45PM
Sold. Contact me at to exchange payment address and mailing address.