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04/19/2012 08:54AM
Stanton - unless there has been a recent change in the rules, you cannot park there if from US, although you can drop off
04/19/2012 09:08AM
While it is true that non-residents of Canada cannot overnight park at Stanton bay, you can hire an outfitter to drop you off there and pick you up at another access point. I just threw it out there as another possible choice. Anthony
04/15/2012 10:19PM
With either, go to the Atikokan ranger station first and you won't have to go to the Beaverhouse ranger station on the way in. It'll save you close to an hour in paddling time.

But, the Beaverhouse ranger station is a nice place to visit. If you're not in a hurry, you can take care of things there. No big deal.
04/20/2012 04:46PM
BH or Nym - I will suggest depends a lot on where you are coming from, whether you need to have a night before sleep and early launch, whether you come out and drive home or look forward to clean up and big meal, etc. If coming through IF, you can save hours and maybe get in the afternoon before perhaps versus going to Atikokan and Nym. I guess I'm just saying that I've come to the opinion I'd rather have an extra half day and a night in the park than out.

With 5 travel days I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a loop from BH around Cirrus, Kasakokwog, Quetico, and BH - or reverse - but I've come to the opinion there are no bad places to trip in the Q.

And if you do end up spending a night in Atikokan, paln a tour of eth Souris River factory. Well worth the time. Say hi to Wayne for me.
04/20/2012 08:27PM
If we end up at the Beaverhouse Entry we will most likely not go all the way to Russel. I think it is a good suggestion to explore the NW part of the park from that entry. We would like to get into some Lake Trout and find nice camp sites. Any recommendations would be appreciated. If you prefer please send an email.

Thanks for all of the thoughts and suggestions. I am looking forward to exploring a new part of the park with my son.

04/21/2012 08:28AM
If your asking about the NW corner, I was 4 for 4 in finding great sites. Perhaps night 2 would not be good for more than one tent - I don't recall. The night two I had heard about and wanted was taken - Kaskokwog end of the portage form Cirrus. Many good reports. Had heard about one in bay off Q - the eastern most bay that affords access to Cirrus - and checked it out - very nice. First nation regular I think. But frankly, good pickens. I had a whole list from Stumpy.

trip report
04/16/2012 07:43AM
Jackfish - it doesn't seem that a stop at the Beaverhouse station would add more than 15 minutes to paddle from access point to portage to Q lake. And the nice thing about BH is you don't have to go to Atikokan - could drive to BH and sleep at parking lot or a nearby outfitter (where you can also get the permit) and head out early next morning. It's the hour drive each way between BH access and Atikokan that seems worth avoiding.

Nym is all different, and perhaps all different if you come from East and have to pass by Atikokan on way to BH.
04/17/2012 02:18PM
quote h20man: " Are there any issues security wise with leaving a vehicle at either point?

I know that I can self register at the Nym Lake parking lot. What about the Beaverhouse lot? Do I have to go to the ranger station at Beaverhouse to self register?


I know of no security issues with either point and agree that if entering at Nym -- which is so close to Atikokan -- I'd just go to the park office. As for Beaverhouse ranger station being only 15 minutes more paddling, I've never paddled to it, but I know where it is and I know it would take ME way more than just 15 minutes. (Park office toll free line: 1-888-668-7275) --Goose
04/17/2012 08:24PM
We are looking to enter on May 4th. We thought we would head toward Sturgeon Lake and maybe Russell and return. Not sure if we will use Nym or Beaverhouse entry. It may be decided by weather conditions. If we have a strong southerly wind we would opt for Beaverhouse. Any must see or use camping locations in the area would be appreciated. We have been to the Q a couple times from southern entry points but my first time from the north.

Thanks for the information.
04/17/2012 06:44PM
I did mean an extra 15 minutes paddling on the way to Q Lake portage. Looks like about a mile difference paddling from the access to ranger station vs straight to Q lake.
04/17/2012 09:03PM
How about entering at Stanton bay if you are planning on hitting Sturgeon and Russell. anthony
04/19/2012 04:06PM
The first part of the road to Beaverhouse access is probably fine. The last section might be worse for wear in early spring but I suspect they are reasonably quick to maintain it. I believe the self outfitting box will be at the ranger station. And I believe anyone can park at that access and I've not heard of vandalism reported there.

A call to the Park office would get you good answers to these. I have found them to be very friendly and helpful and actually glad to talk about these things.

And please post what you find out!

04/19/2012 05:31PM
quote ZaraSp00k: "Stanton - unless there has been a recent change in the rules, you cannot park there if from US, although you can drop off"
Anyone know why this is?

04/20/2012 01:36AM
the same reason we pay more, the thinking is if a Canadian resident finds the lot full and vehicles with US plates it is unfair to them that they pay taxes and are deprived of services to someone who doesn't pay taxes (which paid for the bridge) and didn't even buy gas, food, or utilize an outfitter

basically it is a way to fleece money out of us

if you use a Canadian outfitter I believe you can park there but you better double check on that

but it is OK to use the entry as long as you do not park there

04/20/2012 11:09AM
I talked to Barb at the Park Headquarters today. She was very pleasant to talk with. She told me that to enter at Beaverhouse you need to self register at the ranger station on Beaverhouse as there is not a Kiosk at the parking lot. You can also register at the headquarters in Atikoken if coming from the east. As far as security for your car she is not aware of any issues at Nym or Beaverhouse.

She mentioned that the maintenance crew was working on the road (seasonal maintenance)to Beaverhouse but was not aware of any problems with the road.

I am getting pumped as I will be there in two weeks.
04/20/2012 03:53PM
You say you have 7 or 8 days, like to travel 5 or 6 and layover 2 . . .
From Stanton Bay you could probably camp on Russell on night 2 if Deux Riviere is passable -- if it's not, and you go thru the B-lakes you might not make it all the way but could probably make north Sturgeon.

On the other hand, from Beaverhouse(or Nym) to Russell , figure two long days (with no dawdling) and arrive sometime on day 3.
So one way or the other, you could have a couple days in the Russell area (or somewhere else if you layover coming or going).

If it were me I'd want 8 days, for sure, if going to and from BH. But then, even though I love the BH entry, I would enter from Nym or Stanton if Russell were my destination. From Nym I'd go down thru Maria-Jesse-Elizabeth-etc. to Sturgeon and Russell. Returning I'd either go Deux Riviere-Pickerel back to Nym for a big loop, or cut up thru Halliday to Elizabeth for a "lollypop" loop.

Save the BH entry for a trip that stays more in the NW part of the park.
04/21/2012 03:38PM
I have several trip reports that cover parts of BH, Quetico, Cirrus, etc. in the NW. Trip Reports I have not caught lakers myself but I have marked up maps showing "T" on Quetico Lake west of Eden Island, and in Cirrus Lake east of the popular PCD campsite 2Z (Troll towards the bay with the little sandy beach.) There are MANY nice campsites! --Goose
04/18/2012 12:27PM
I wonder if the BH ranger station is even open in the beginning of May.
04/18/2012 01:18PM
How many days do you have/plan? --Goose
04/15/2012 07:38PM
I am looking at entering The Q from the north the first week in May. We will use Beaverhouse or Nym Lake as entry points. I have never entered from either of these entry points. Are there any issues security wise with leaving a vehicle at either point?

I know that I can self register at the Nym Lake parking lot. What about the Beaverhouse lot? Do I have to go to the ranger station at Beaverhouse to self register?


04/18/2012 04:37PM
quote salukiguy: "I wonder if the BH ranger station is even open in the beginning of May."

Well then you could self permit and go - very little time spent waiting.
04/18/2012 05:18PM
We are looking at 7 or 8 days. We usually travel 5 days with a couple layover days at nice sites for camping or fishing. Since I was self permitting I wondered if there was a self permitting KIOSK at the Beaverhouse parking lot or will I need to go to the Ranger Station? I was told that Nym had a self registration Kiosk at the parking lot.

What is the typical condition of the road to Beaverhouse Lake in the spring?