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04/17/2022 02:59PM
So I'm going to try a Knorr Spanish rice side dish, add some chicken, and probably make a meal out of it. However, the cooking time is like eight or nine minutes on the camp stove. I'd like to reduce that cooking time so I don't use as much fuel.

So, my question is: if I soaked that rice for an hour or two prior to cooking it, would that reduce the cooking time?

Yes, I know I could use a fire, but I'm a stove guy.

04/17/2022 03:54PM
Prior to your trip, make a koozie for your pot out of old can koozies. Bring your rice to a boil on your stove, then remove from stove and wrap with the pot koozie.
Put a camp towel over the pot and let it sit for the remaining cook time... maybe a bit more. Done with half the normal fuel usage.
04/17/2022 04:08PM
On last year's fire ban trip, we discovered $1.29 packets of Good & Gather Rice and Vegetables at Target. Labeled as single serving, they seemed a very generous portion when used as a side to walleye. Just add 2 T water and heat through in a skillet. Easy peasy and all of the guys approved. Sure, each packet weighs 8.8 oz, but worth it for the reduced cooking time. We will bring them again.

04/17/2022 06:27PM
Hey Mike,

I haven't had very good luck soaking rice in cold water before cooking it for real. The koozie option suggested by bobber#3 works and I use it with homemade dehydrated meals. Similar to Schweady, I also like the heat and eat options by rice-a-roni. Saves gas but adds food weight. I like how quick it is and tastes great with fish.
04/18/2022 10:21AM
So I spoke with my better half and she said soaking rice before cooking makes it fluffier and takes less actual cooking time. I had no idea.
04/26/2022 02:02PM
We do red beans and rice, dirty rice and jambalaya on our trips. I always soak it for a couple hours. It does reduce the cook time
04/18/2022 04:07PM
Thanks, everyone. I think we will try both the cozy method and the pre-soak method. I'm a little afraid of carrying a heavier package but will consider if required.