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05/11/2022 02:15PM
Backpackers Pantry Pad Thai… jk lol.
In all seriousness though, that meal isn’t all that bad.

I always bring in a homemade pad thai on every trip. Rice noodles, dehydrated beef, onions, mushrooms, peppers. Bring in some peanut sauce, or make your own with P2B and sirachia sauce. Top with sesame seeds. Good stuff.
06/13/2022 09:31AM
That sounds like a recipe I've seen in the NOLS cookery book, I wonder if it was a variation of this one:
08/18/2022 10:01PM
I'd be willing to bet it's this recipe.
05/07/2022 01:05PM
This is a long shot. A friend is nostalgic for their first time into the BWCA. They had a meal that was some kind of noodles with a thai inspired Peanut sauce. It was provided by the UMD outdoor Rec Program. He took the trip in the early 2000’s. Anyone where from the outdoor rec program around that time remember this dish? We’re attempting to recreate it and I’m sure we can do something good based on research but maybe you prepared this item in the past and have some insight to its creation.
05/09/2022 02:44AM
Why Thai inspired rather than simply Thai? Was there something about it that wasn’t traditionally Thai? Peanut sauce or satay sauce is a pretty common Thai sauce and is often served with noodles. It will be interesting if someone knows the particular recipe. If not, there are a ton of them online. We’ve often just buy peanut sauce in a bottle for home. Good stuff. We should try making it.