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03/10/2023 06:44AM
1. Stop at Northern Waters Smokehouse in Duluth.
2. Buy salamini.
3. Pack in salamini and eat it in the BWCA.
05/26/2022 09:38PM
We always bring summer sausage, you never know when you may need a quick meal in a pinch. I go out for a week or more, I plan to bring 2 1lb summer sausages, usually different flavors along with 2 cheeses for 2 of us. Get some Ritz cracker snack packs & you are good to go. We plan one for lunch & one in case there is really nasty weather & I don't want to use the stove. When driving thru Wisconsin I stop at Humbird cheese in Tomah....mmm...that's where I first tried Wisconsin river & Stoneridge summer sausage in various proteins, so very good. (They stopped shipping in April).

Returned this past weekend from a week long trip, was again glad to have the summer sausage meals as the weather was wet a few days...which we expected.
09/08/2022 05:58PM
For years summer sausage and hard tack were a lunch staple on trips I took out. The hard tack got to be a PITA, so we switched to pita. The sausage will keep for several days depending on the weather and how you pack it. May have to try the peanut butter combination.
06/13/2022 12:19PM
It’s a canoe trip staple! Get you some Nueske’s! Best summer sausage I’ve ever had.
06/13/2022 10:23AM
Whenever my wife accompanies me, we always bring ss. She turned me on to something that I at first thought ridiculous: ss and peanut butter. Turns out, it is outstanding!
06/13/2022 03:22PM
There is shelf stable and not shelf stable, make sure to bring the shelf stable. It should be consumed right away once opened. Pack-it Gourmet used to have various types - Wild Boar, Elk, Venison, and Beef. They also offered shelf stable Cheese in 1 oz. portions. Everything Bagels with sausage, cheese and mustard with peanut M & M's for dessert was my favorite lunch.
05/26/2022 10:20AM
Agree with Jaywalker. We bring summer sausage in casing that doesn't require refrigeration until it's opened. It will typically get eaten for lunch with cheese and crackers and we buy the size where we can eat the entire thing in one setting.

In spite of the no refrigeration, we'll still do our best to keep it packed away and out of the direct sun until we want to eat it. Have never had a problem.
07/17/2023 11:48AM
Frenchy19: "Whenever my wife accompanies me, we always bring ss. She turned me on to something that I at first thought ridiculous: ss and peanut butter. Turns out, it is outstanding! "

That sounds incredible!
05/26/2022 12:13PM
We bring it every year lasts 3-4 days with cheese on a Pita.
05/26/2022 08:33AM
Has anyone ever brought a summer sausage into the BWCA? Did it work out? I am planning on bringing a Pepper Joes Jalapeno Cheddar summer sausage and eating it within the first 3 days of my trip. It will stay packaged so thinking it should be stable.
12/16/2022 11:12PM
One of my most basic trip foods. With some rye bread, I can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. 4-6 days easy,.. like mentioned above I try to keep it outta the sun.
05/26/2022 09:18AM
Lots and lots of people bring summer sausage. It’s called summer sausage because traditionally it did not need to be refrigerated. It should be perfectly fine well beyond three days. In general, the dryer it is the most stable it will be. I like Boars Head. I’ve taken and eaten it up to twenty days without concern.
Edit: the Boars Head sausage I bring is actually salami - a broad category of dried, cured sausage with a lower moisture content than summer sausage. Summer sausage will still be fine for quite a few days.
07/15/2023 09:04PM
Yeah. All the time. Never had a problem - we just eat the whole thing in one sitting.

05/26/2022 11:32AM
Yes, many times. No issues. We've brought it in to eat with cheese and crackers at lunch and also put it in beans and rice. (Hint: brown the chunked summer sausage before adding to the rice - great flavor.)

This year we're bringing in (homemade) venison summer sausage for first day's lunch. It's vacuum sealed and frozen now and I'm keeping it frozen until heading north next week.
09/12/2022 12:12PM
Johnsonville makes a great shelf stable summer sausage, both traditional and all beef- does not require refrigeration until opened. It takes me three or four days to finish a sausage and I've not had any trouble even in the heat of summer. Old Wisconsin also makes a good shelf stable summer sausage. It has the advantage of coming in 8oz links while Johnsonville is 12. I suggest serving with good flour tortillas instead of pita, crackers or hard tack. Favorite is LaBanderita "Ricas", 20 tortillas for under $3.00.
06/13/2022 01:14PM
Never trip without it.

Buy the stuff off the shelf (not the refrigerator) in the grocery store and it will last indefinitely.
07/20/2023 06:39PM
Zatarains Red Beans and Rice with cut up summer sausage. Always popular and easy.