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02/18/2013 12:03AM
I have tried wise, a rip off if you ask me. I tried a bucket since they seemed like a good deal. everything you get in most of these meals you could make yourself for far less. For instance the granola is just granola, it cost less at the grocery store. Same as the oatmeal. The entrees are just noodles vegetables and seasoning, no meat. Also the lenght of time to cook these meals would take a lot more fuel or maintaining a campfire to cook than mountain house or BP. Dont be fooled by some of these campanies selling survival food.
01/21/2013 06:24PM
I'm finding myself drifting away from the packaged stuff as I find better tasting stuff for my trips.
01/22/2013 05:36PM
It will be interesting to compare the quality to others I've tried. If they're decent, I think I will be ordering a case.

Usually I try to pack a combination of "regular" food and freeze-dried. It's nice to always have the freeze-dried on hand because they are very light and convenient and the exceptional shelf-life means that they are always there when I just want to grab something and go.

Only problem is the $$.
01/21/2013 07:44PM
quote BillConner01: " Wise will send you a sample and they have nutrition info on the web site."
thanks, just emailed for a sample.
01/21/2013 09:03AM
I was wondering if anyone has tried the Wise brand freeze dried meals? They are significantly cheaper than the mountain house or backpackers pantry meals and they have what looks like a good deal on them on Amazon. Just wondering if they are worth a try or not?
01/21/2013 10:08AM
Wise will send you a sample and they have nutrition info on the web site.
01/21/2013 11:58PM
Thanks for the link
01/22/2013 05:28AM
Maybe thanks - which keth0601 really deserves - should be withheld until tasting.
02/03/2013 07:48AM
Well I have to say I was not very impressed. The food was well portioned and it was certainly edible (better than most MREs I've tried), but it was a bit bland and it took almost 25 minutes to fully re-hydrate vs the 15 min in the directions. Tried eating it at 15 mins and the pasta was still crunchy. In the end it was more of a soup than a pasta.

I think for now I'll stick with MH and just get a bulk pack or some #10 cans to save money.
01/26/2013 06:24AM
I have gone to making my own, and it is fun to do in the winter on a Sunday Afternoon. Make up the meals and dehydrate them, and then put em in the freezer, and most of them will last 6 months to a year that way. Been using some of the idea's off the hungry hammock hanger youtubes and some of my own. Much better tasting, and better helpings

01/23/2013 07:15AM
I received an email from the about my sample. What to know if I'm looking for a 1, 3, or 6 month supply for how many people.
01/23/2013 12:19AM
Not sure about them being any cheaper....I can get the basic Mountain House at Walmart here for around $6 a package. I can go to Quest Outdoors and get a bigger selection for about $7 a package with either a Scout discount or one of their sales. One of the best places that I've found for deals is They have pretty good prices and free shipping for orders over $100

01/21/2013 07:47PM
Me too. Thanks for posting link.
01/31/2013 06:18PM
Just got my sample in the mail today. Got the creamy pasta and veggy rotini with chicken. Anyone else get theirs yet? I'll have to give it a try tomorrow.