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03/28/2013 03:42PM
Mexican grocery stores often have tvp where they keep the spices.
03/26/2013 10:25PM
TVP is already dehydrated. You would be adding it to your dish in camp. It sucks up water/broth like rice or cous cous when it rehydrates, so adjust your rehydration accordingly.
From wiki...Serve ham-flavored textured vegetable protein in a dry or reconstituted form.
Dry TVP with ham flavoring can be added to salads and dips.
Reconstitute ham flavored TVP with 3/4 cup of boiling water over a cup of textured vegetable protein to add to recipes that call for ham.

03/27/2013 06:05AM
We use the TVP that is like hamburger and ismoist and comes in one big block. I dehydrate it and then add it to meals at camp as needed. It rehydrates easily and I relly don't notice much difference in it from burger.
03/27/2013 11:53AM
I cant see why you wouldnt be able to add it to your dish and dehydrate everything together, but this is something i have not tried myself. If you dont find an answer here, my solution would be to test it. Make your dish, add some ham tvp to a 1 serving portion, dehydrate it and rehydrate it to see how it tastes.

I haven't seen a moist version of ham tvp when I look online, but maybe I am just missing something. Reviews compare it to bacon bits. I've read a few and people that don't love the chicken & beef variety seem to love the ham version, even eating them right out of the package. Good luck with your jambalaya, it sounds terrific.

03/27/2013 03:37PM
At our grocery stores it's usually over in the health food aisles/section. Just ask a manager at the store.
03/27/2013 06:17AM
what section of a grocery store is tvp located?
03/26/2013 06:29PM
I am considering using a ham flavored TVP as an ingredient in a jambalaya for a FBC/1 pot meal. My question is once the meal is cooked (at home) and ready for the dehydrator is there any caution or concerns in dehydrating the meal with the TVP?