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06/19/2017 08:14PM
New Trip Report posted by cburton103

Trip Name: From Lac La Croix to Basswood via Argo, Ted and Robinson.

Entry Point: Quetico

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06/28/2017 03:57PM
Nice report, love that entire area.

06/29/2017 01:22PM
Allfish - I believe that's correct. Mark and his wife purchased the business from "Old man Jordan" a while back. They say he still stops in most summers. I think Mark said that "Old man Jordan" is in his 90's now. Mark never referred to him by his first name, but I would guess it's the same guy you're referring to. Mark was great at coordinating all of the logistics for the trip and was a lot of fun to talk to on the shuttle ride out to our first tow. I highly recommend them!
06/27/2017 01:05PM
Thanks for sharing. I was interested in this stretch of Quetico for some time now, so I appreciate the portage info. Looked like the fishing was pretty solid.
Glad you had a good time.
06/20/2017 07:20AM
I read your trip report to raise my spirit on a rainy day in central Wisconsin. Not just the rain but all of the recent news about vandalized campsites. I'm glad that you had a great time though and your report definitely fit the bill. I can't wait for my next trip. Thank you for the trip report.
06/20/2017 07:49AM
I rarely even find a sign of people at the campsites I stay at in Quetico. I found a jig head hanging on a tree near my tent pad at Ted Lake that appears to have been left by accident. Other than that, there were pine needles in the fire pits and no signs of negligent campers. It's pretty unspoiled wilderness!
06/29/2017 06:33AM
Sounds like a cool trip, fun with them lakers! I was wondering if Jordan's in Ely is Doug Jordan's old outfit? We had outfitted with them back in the 80's, before we started outfitting ourselves...
06/28/2017 09:53AM

We really enjoyed this area. A lot of solitude, plenty of lakes with good fishing for different species. We've done better with fishing in other areas, but I'd be happy to return to this area to fish again. The average fish size was solid for us besides smallmouth. I was especially impressed by Robinson. I'd really like to return and spend a few days there fishing and getting to know the lake better.

I plan on adding pictures to the third and fourth day writeups and flipping the few pictures that aren't oriented correctly still. We'll see when I get around to it!