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05/29/2018 02:29PM
New Trip Report posted by Ajoutdoors

Trip Name: 6 day solo Frost River Loop.

Entry Point: 38

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05/29/2018 03:32PM
Thanks, nice report. I enjoyed hearing about it.
05/29/2018 09:51PM
Nice report. Now that I’ve done the Frost River loop from the north I’d like to give it a go out of Sawbill like you did. I really like Cherokee, and I’d probably stay my first night there. I like the idea of staying on Wine too. Thanks for sharing!
06/01/2018 10:30AM

06/01/2018 10:32AM
Nice report and video! I very much want to do the Frost River this year and hopefully soon. I was impressed by your small pack, but surprised to see a full axe as part of it - especially with that warm weather. Would you bring it again under the same conditions? Congrats on seeing the moose.
06/02/2018 07:02AM
Ottertailvoyageur-my canoe did say outfitters edition or something like that on the inside of it.

Jay- I honestly didn’t think it would be that warm. Also, the warth wasn’t really the problem. It’s that it stays light for so long if you wanted a fire after dark you gotta wait till 10 pm. The biggest problem with an axe that size is it getting in the way when loading and unloading the canoe. In hindsight I probably could of just battoned the wood with my knife if I really wanted a fire. But it was a new axe and I wanted to play with it. Lol.

06/02/2018 02:17PM
Ajoutdoors: ....But it was a new axe and I wanted to play with it. Lol.

That's all the justification anyone could possibly need. I've done the same thing. Besides, you've got such a great place for it on that Bushcrafter pack.
06/02/2018 06:06PM
Great write up, pics and video. Glad the bear issue didn't turn out any worse than it was. Bet that got your heart racing a bit. Lol
05/31/2018 10:30PM
Very nice trip report and enjoyed the video too. Thanks for sharing. I will be in the same area in about 2 weeks, so this was nice to see.
06/01/2018 09:33AM
Ajoutdoors: "Ottertailvoyageur-I’d like to try outta Rookwood just to rent a different canoe. All Sawbill has is prisms. those big lakes up north do kinda scare me

Interestingly, Sawbill actually has their own version of the Prism. The seat is 22" back from center, thus enabling them to have a permanently mounted portage yoke. I've rented Prisms from Sawbill many times, and have found that they need a lot of ballast up front to keep them stable.

All three of the solo models that Rockwood rents have the removable yoke. As I mentioned in my recent trip report, that Northstar Magic is an absolute joy to paddle. It has a lower profile than the Prism, thus making it easier to handle in windy conditions. Plus, it's five pounds lighter at 29#. Also, at 16' it's only 6" shorter than the Prism and can carry a lot of gear. If I were to buy a solo canoe, which I might, I would buy the Magic.
05/31/2018 09:17PM

I posted a video of my trip
05/30/2018 07:31AM
Nice report.

I'm amazed seeing your canoe and one pack. I can't imagine getting enough stuff into a single pack. My wife and I did a leisurely basecamp the same week as you. We had 8 packs of gear. We had a lot of cold weather gear and a large tent but still...
05/30/2018 09:39AM
Ottertailvoyageur-I’d like to try outta Rookwood just to rent a different canoe. All Sawbill has is prisms. those big lakes up north do kinda scare me

Mad angler-honestly the only thing I missed having was my hammock and next time I’ll leave the chair behind. I did make some videos. I’ll post the gear one if you’d like