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06/19/2019 09:40AM
A few more pictures...

06/20/2019 01:41PM
Oh man this makes me want to go back!! NAK and Cherry are so great... I do love the Little Knife to Amoeber portage. You got a great site on Cherry too, amazing photos. I miss it. But WHAT a WALLEYE!!! Holy smokes. Nicely done... nicely done. Looks like you had pretty great weather and enjoyed yourselves. It makes me so happy to see others enjoy this route as much as I enjoyed it - I can't remember but I think you have done it before, or have been in the area. I have so many other routes I want to do, but something tells me I will be back out there within the next 2 years. Thanks so much for sharing!
06/19/2019 10:01PM
Great report. My goodness what a Walleye that is!
06/19/2019 10:18PM
CityFisher74: "Great report. My goodness what a Walleye that is!"

It was the biggest any of us had seen in person. It went back in after the pictures
06/19/2019 03:05PM
Great trip!
06/18/2019 10:59PM
New Trip Report posted by cyclones30

Trip Name: We took some first-timers to Knife/Cherry.

Entry Point: 25

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06/19/2019 07:10AM
Very nice trip report, thank you for sharing. I was in this same area last year and used LaTourells as well. I love that entire area. Then again there isn't much of the BWCA that I don't consider my I want to explore the eastern side soon, I have read enough reports from there I feel it calling me.