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07/05/2019 02:23PM
Nice report and yet another that vows to never take a kayak on portages again :)
07/05/2019 08:24PM
Thanks, enjoyed your trip report - sounds like you really enjoyed it.
07/05/2019 08:28PM
Very nice report, looks like you’re hooked. I’m jealous of your 2 hour drive.
07/05/2019 12:52PM
Just an excellent trip report. Welcome to the clan. I'm sorry (happy) to report that even moving out of state for a few decades will not cleanse your blood of this particular pathogen. You are incurably infected now. ;-)
07/05/2019 05:12PM
cyclones30: "Nice report and yet another that vows to never take a kayak on portages again :) "

Yes, nice report. Kayaks are very popular on the water... not so much on the portage.
07/05/2019 05:42PM
Hey! Great report. Loved your writing style and reflection, government worker talk and all. I hope you are able to paddle and help protect this special place for years and years! Paddle on!
07/09/2019 01:37PM
Sounds like a great first trip! I was on Wind the week before and we did very well fishing the bays and shorelines for Smallmouth. We caught 110 fish in 3 days! Well worth returning to and conquering that lake. I too have portaged my kayak into Wind and found it to be equally unpleasant. Post pics of your progress on your canoe!
07/04/2019 02:48PM
Thanks for sharing your trip and welcome to BWCA.Com. It sounded like a really fun trip and I hope you have many more great trips. I wish I had the time and patience to build a Cedar Strip Canoe (hopefully someday). Good luck finishing yours and safe travels.
07/04/2019 02:15PM
New Trip Report posted by bridge4life

Trip Name: First BWCA Trip 11-13 June, 2019.

Entry Point: 25

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07/06/2019 07:57AM
Fun read, sounds like a great time. Thanks!
07/09/2019 01:57PM
Great first trip!