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09/15/2021 03:32PM
Northwoodsman: " I love that area."

I could see visiting it more than once. We didn't get too far and it is a great area.
09/15/2021 03:28PM

Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed.

We like to listen to your songs when we are driving to and from the bwca. :-)

09/15/2021 10:05AM
Nice report. My last 3 trips have been through EP #47 and utilizing the bunkhouse at Rockwood. It sure makes it easy and they are outstanding people. Getting an early start without having to drive through the night or packing up your tent and gear in the morning is so nice. I like a nice hot shower the morning I enter also. Horseshoe has a lot of moose sightings. I have base camped on both Horseshoe and Gaskin. I love that area.
09/15/2021 09:46AM
Enjoyed that and your pics on your site. Really love that you're getting your kids involved in tripping.

Thanks for posting.
09/14/2021 10:27AM
New Trip Report posted by rdgbwca

Trip Name: Hanging Out on Horseshoe Lake in the Boundary Waters.

Entry Point: 47

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