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06/21/2022 02:43PM
Thanks for posting such a prompt report. Loved your pictures and enjoyed your trip details. Thanks for your conservation work. Great to see folks your age enjoying the BWCA.
06/18/2022 10:22PM
Wow, quite the hail storm. Looks like it turned out to be a lovely trip.

06/20/2022 03:24PM
Those are some pretty lakes. There are a lot of little lakes through there that offer a varied trip. I've always worried about the part that goes through the motorized area, but the interior lakes look worth the paddle. Hail and lightning wind, high water and bears. It sounds like an exciting trip!
06/22/2022 03:21PM
Loved your TR thank you!! Welcome reminders re conservation.
06/22/2022 07:16PM
Thanks, nice report. It's been many years since I was through that area, but a very memorable trip for me.
06/18/2022 03:45PM
New Trip Report posted by loonatic

Trip Name: LIS Loop of Solitude.

Entry Point: 14

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06/18/2022 05:04PM
I was on Little Crab lake and listened to constant thunder as that storm passed to my west and north. I took a video of the lake just to record all the thunder.

At least you had ice for your cocktails. That looked like golf ball size. Glad you stayed in camp. Imagine if you were on the water with all that hail.
06/20/2022 09:08AM
Thanks for the trip report. Good looking campsites and a bit of adventure! Sure is pretty country.
06/20/2022 10:36PM
Thanks for the report; I made it to Devils Cascade a few years ago and would like to complete the loop you did some day, without the bear encounter or hail of course! Seemed like a good trip overall.