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10/17/2022 12:50PM
Great report and thanks for taking the time to share.

We saw a couple of paddleboarders on Kelso about ten years ago heading north. We say them the next day during a day trip on Zenith. Have not seen any before or since. Certainly a unique way to experience the BWCA.

Using the board as a sleeping pad is pretty brilliant, although not having a screen of any kind makes me itchy just thinking about it. Were you trying to minimize your pack size?

10/14/2022 11:01AM
What a cool trip and what a neat way to experience the BWCA...thanks for sharing!

I've never been on a paddleboard, but you're starting to get me thinking.

10/19/2022 04:02PM
Interesting trip report. I always wondered how a SUP would do in wind and waves. No selfie with the Kek hikers?
10/14/2022 09:25AM
New Trip Report posted by KyleInSwamps

Trip Name: Paddleboard- Round Lake to Mueller Falls.

Entry Point: 52

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