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09/05/2009 10:26PM
New Trip Report posted by dogwoodgirl

Trip Name: Sylvan Idyll.

Entry Point: Other

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09/06/2009 06:49AM
Thanks for sharing.
09/06/2009 11:37AM
tom- the bugs were not too bad until the trip back tothe car...that was awful. By the car it was like something out of a horror flick!
The fire grate is sunk in the ground, very nice when it's windy....and the johns are a cut above. I agree, the lid is a nice touch.
As far as winters, I like them, so that's ok. Slush season in late march and april gets old though.
09/06/2009 01:36AM
Totally agree on 3 days or 10 days...still too short!

09/06/2009 06:30AM
Very nice. That is certainly a different forest than the BW. How were the bugs? It seems like the fire grate is sunk in the ground? and the johns are a little nicer with a lid and all.

It's cool that you are so close to these places being in Duluth. I envy that but not your long winters. Thanks for posting and the fine pics too.
09/06/2009 08:47PM
Great Report...Awesome pics.
09/07/2009 08:23AM
Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking about a trip to Sylvan and this added a little more fuel to the fire.
09/08/2009 03:40AM
Thanks for the report. I'm thinking about spending a day in Sylvana on my way to the BW. Your report reinforces that plan.