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10/25/2007 08:23PM
Awesome pics! I've worked up there for the Forest Service for 3 years now myself and I recognize many of those places. I can never stay away from that area for too long!
10/26/2007 03:50PM
Nice pictures
12/25/2008 04:57PM
I finally got around to writing a my trip report about my Fall 2007 Isabella Area Solo Canoe Trip.

It's posted on one of my blogs, Dark Colored Pictographs. There are many more photos posted including the ones in the original slideshow.

Dark Colored Pictographs

Chuck Ryan


CIIcanoe Canoes Wabakimi
12/01/2007 05:01PM
Your slide show reminds me of why I love this area and makes me long to get back.

"Remember, the fun never stops!"
10/21/2007 08:50PM
New Trip Report posted by CIIcanoe

Trip Name: Isabella Area Canoe Trip Fall 2007 (Slideshow).

Entry Point: 36

Click Here to View Trip Report
10/22/2007 09:51AM
A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Thanks for sharing!

12/01/2007 11:35AM
Nice pics. Looks like you didn't see the sun very much though. I went solo in Sept. and only had the sun for one out of 5 days.
12/01/2007 04:45PM
Great pics -- thanks for the show!

Ho Ho
12/01/2007 10:23PM
It really is a great series of photos. I've got to get to that area. Thanks
10/21/2007 09:41PM
Your slideshow is awesome. You have a good eye for the beauty of nature.
10/22/2007 12:39PM
Some wonderful photography. Thanks for sharing. Where was photo #77 in the sequence taken? I must go there!