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02/20/2018 06:05PM
This season has been better than the last couple. It makes me happy.

I have been able to go to some new places and new trails. I have been able to do some skijoring. I have even found some natural snow on beautiful days made into corderoy just before I got there! It been a great season.
03/20/2018 03:19PM
I may have closed my season when I left for work (gone until 4/11) on Sunday morning. Strange year for skiing but managed to ski nearly every day while I was home as well as hitting trails in Montana (3 locations) and Idaho (2). Gave full rein to the obsession/compulsion while home for the first half of March logging just under 410 miles- not sure if that is a boast or a confession.

With luck the lakes will be perfect for skate skiing on my return.
12/09/2017 10:06AM
The recurrent bands of light snow have dropped enough that conditions on the lakes are good for skiing. Decent skate skiing yesterday followed by more snow- might be better classic than skate at present. Burntside ice questionable at best- most of the smaller lakes have plenty for foot travel.
12/25/2017 11:40AM
Hidden Valley Trails in Ely were good for both classic and skate skiing beginning 12/14 (just before I had to leave home for work for a month) and have only gotten better since.

Decent skiing in West Yellowstone last week. Not tons of snow, but the grooming is immaculate and fast.
12/25/2017 07:35AM
Thanks. There was enough snow to ski “rock skis” at Banning and Jay Cook yesterday. It also appeared that they had just attempted to groom trails at Gooseberry - but I did not ski that. Not much snow in forecast - a dusting Thursday - but plenty of cold. I just looked at the Sawbill newsletter - a foot of ice, and a similar amount of snow to gooseberry if you look at the pictures.