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04/11/2020 08:51AM
I agree with sns about the bug and weather thing. That's the main reason I go when I do. However, in my mind the fishing is still outstanding. If it got any better I'd be afraid that the fish would be attacking me rather than the other way around. On a serious note fishing in June would be way too easy!

My bike trip is officially off so I'll probably be heading back up there if the border is open.

Stay safe........
11/29/2019 11:14PM
Thanks, DD.

HighNDry - I'm sure you're right about the route. I have a lot of research to do yet.
11/28/2019 11:42AM
Pictos on the route
04/11/2020 07:15AM
I have been in the park during that timeframe and it was a great time to be there.

Virtually no bugs - one mosquito bite in a week, and that was in the middle of the night when a relief trip out of the tent turned into an hour of watching the northern lights.

Warm water for swimming, warm days...

Fishing is the one piece that's not optimal at that time. But it's still really good compared to most places in the US. The flip side is that by then the lodges and outposts see little to no activity. They usually run full-out from the opener through July and by mid August are winding motor traffic on any motor lakes should be minimal. Of course, even that outfitter-related traffic my not exist this year.
11/29/2019 11:06PM
Good list dd!

Boonie, any route you choose will be rewarding, I'm sure. WCPP has a lot to offer and I've never been disappointed with my route choices no matter the difficulties.
11/29/2019 11:10PM
hobbydog: "boonie: "Thanks, planning to do it next week."
When are you planning on doing your trip? "

Planning on next year, probably 2 weeks somewhere in a mid-August to mid-Sept. time frame.
04/11/2020 08:13AM
Thanks, I'm not a fisherman, so the rest sounds good.

Next is to figure out some route options. I'll try to have several good options to increase the possibility of flight scheduling around someone else's exit. I'll probably aim to exit at Johnson since that shuttle is considerably less expensive than the others. I'll be coming from the east (WV) so a long drive just to get to Red Lake and back too. I'll likely be doing it solo; it's hard to find someone with the time, money, ability, desire, and commitment to do it with me, but a slim possibility.

I'm not sure which lakes I can fly into, which I can't, but assume I'm most likely to connect with someone flying into one of the lakes with a lodge/outpost cabin. It's hard to figure out the fire situation other than there's a lot of burn and it would be hard to avoid it. I don't really care that much, but would like to have a mix and not all scorched earth.

One thought was to fly into Artery, take the Bloodvein across to Knox and out Lund. I could also do that and exit Johnson, but maybe adds more miles/time than I want. One of the reasons for flying into Artery was the pictographs, but I could fly in somewhere else and just see lesser displays.

TIA for any thoughts/information on options.
11/28/2019 08:17AM
I'm hoping to do my first trip to WCPP next year. Are the pictographs marked on the park map? Ort is there ar reference list of locations anywhere?
11/28/2019 08:42AM
They are not marked on the park map. I would suggest contacting the park office. The large mural on Artery is the best. There is also a large one at the top of Murdock. There are many small ones at other places.
11/29/2019 01:00PM
Thanks, Marten, I plan to contact the park office in the near future as I understand they can provide quite a bit of useful information.

Thanks, HighNDry, that trip is currently at the top of my list.
11/29/2019 03:29PM
Contact the park now because Claire will go on winter break soon. She is the best source for anything WCPP.
11/29/2019 03:50PM
Thanks, planning to do it next week.
11/29/2019 05:46PM
In addition to those already mentioned, these are pictographs I've seen (or in a couple of cases, had planned to see but trip plans had to be altered).

Mary's Lake - right side of the north east arm.

Musclow Lake - south end of the large bulging peninsula on the south end of the lake; in the channel leading to the portage to Barclay

Thicketwood Lake - toward the east end of the lake on the north side of the main channel; south side of a bulging peninsula where the lake narrows (haven't personally seen this one)

Little Bigshell Lake - east side, south of the portage into Bigshell, north end of a "C" shaped bay (have not personally seen this one)

Irvine Lake - northwest part of the lake, on a point near a small island

Donald Lake - far eastern end of the lake in the small channel containing the portage to Hammerhead; north side once you are in the channel (I've also heard there is one on the shore line just out side the channel on the shore line to the north)

Hansen Lake (2) - (1) just before reaching the portage to Roustol, along the north shore that bulges into the lake; (2) on the northwestern shore mid-way down the long arm extending toward the south west

South Aegean Lake - on the eastern side, approximately half way between the north and south portages leading into the lake on the east side; on the end of a longish peninsula extending to the north west near the middle of the large bulge on the end

Paull Lake - toward the western end of the lake where there lies a large bulbous peninsula, that has a short portage crossing a narrow land bridge. As you head down westward down the channel toward the portage, check the north shore of the peninsula not long after you pass the channel leading north-northwest.

Hjlarmar Lakes - Western Hjlarmar; about 1/3 of the way down the lake from the eastern end on the north shore

11/29/2019 04:59PM
boonie: "Thanks, planning to do it next week."
When are you planning on doing your trip?
04/10/2020 08:26PM
Well, back to trip planning; if it doesn't happen this year (and I haven't given up hope), then maybe next year.

The first order of business: time frame. Depends on if/when daughter and grandchildren come in from OR, which they had originally planned for first week or so of Aug. So my plan is to go in for about two weeks starting between Aug. 22-29. Research indicates the last week of Aug. through first week Sept. should give me weather that isn't too hot or cold, not too wet or windy, and still have reasonable hours of daylight. And it should also be one of the least buggy times. Sound right?

I have some flexibility in dates between mid-Aug. and mid-Sept. and am hoping to fly in, so may try to coordinate a day with someone flying out for cost-sharing.