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12/15/2020 08:45PM
As far as I know, he's held onto the lodge and still rents it out. This past season was obviously tough on all the businesses up there with the border closed but I think he still has the lodge and will be taking reservations. That's just what I've been able to piece together from other online conversations elsewhere. Nothing definitive.
10/20/2020 03:48PM
What happened to Solotripper, aka Harlan Schwartz? He returned to his cabin after leaving WCPP and had been posting YouTube videos. About three months ago the videos stopped. What happened?
10/20/2020 07:48PM
I don't know for sure - it's not like Harlan sends me updates - but I believe he's living in B.C. with his wife. Probably came back for a visit, then returned. Haven't seen much from him since he left Red Lake.
11/21/2020 10:12PM
I’m just guessing here, but I noticed earlier this year that most of the old RLO website was taken down, leaving nothing but the Olive Lake Eco Lodge page up with broken links to the reservation system. I’m guessing that after the rest of the RLO business or assets were sold or shut down, he was left with the the lodge so came back for a visit.
01/16/2021 09:43AM
Harlan stiffed us on his bill for advertising in 2019. Good riddance.
01/16/2021 01:46PM
adam: "Harlan stiffed us on his bill for advertising in 2019. Good riddance. "
Not cool, Harlan.
01/16/2021 05:58PM
adam: "Harlan stiffed us on his bill for advertising in 2019. Good riddance. "
Unfortunately in the end this seems to be the real "Harlan." So sad what a trail he left as he pulled out seeming to want to hurt many with his actions.
05/23/2021 09:38PM
There is two sides to every story...I happened to hear a good deal of Harlan's side. He always did me right. I'm not defending his actions, all I know is that the situation really sucked and I am sad to see him go. And I can't wait to get back to WCPP.