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03/15/2022 06:47PM
Very nice!
03/15/2022 08:24PM
Thank you! Going to work on the legs, thinking light weight tent poles? The table itself is perfect though.
03/15/2022 08:00PM
Good lookin' table that'll work well. Nice job!
03/22/2023 04:33PM
Very impressive table. Might drilling holes in the legs remove some weight and still leave them strong enough? Just an idea worth what you paid for it.
03/10/2022 04:45PM
Really found a desire for a light weight, strong table to use while winter camping. I wanted a table that would fit in my stove bag which meant it had to have a maximum Width of 11 inches by 24 inches long. It needed removable legs that could store flat in the bag. I ended up using HDPE for the entire table. The "frame" is made of 1.5 inch cross bars that are notched to fit each other at the intersecting points. They were then epoxied with West Systems epoxy. The legs simply have two notches that slide into the corner cross braces. They are a beta version for now as I wanted to test the height. 15 inches turns out to be perfect next to my cot. Very happy with the build it weighs in at 63 ounces, which I think is very impressive looking at commercially made "light weight" portable camping tables.

03/15/2022 02:21PM