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02/20/2024 08:43PM
This early warm weather has had me getting anxious to start planning for the upcoming fishing season.

For the past several years I have used a block of closed cell foam with a cutout for my transducer to keep it in position and hold some water to transfer the signal through the hull of my canoe. This worked well, most of the time. However, sometimes the transducer would dislodge which I would notice right away as my depth reading would start flashing to indicate no signal. Other times I would notice that my transducer was leaning left or right, but still transmitting fine. Probably not a huge deal, but I feel that this would cause the depth readings to be off just a bit, depending on the angle.

I decided to take out my foam block cutout and affix something a bit more elegant and precise. This is what I came up with the aide of my 3D printer. I call it a transducer well.

It will hold a Lowrance HST-WSBL or HST-WSU transducer in place in an upright perpendicular position. Like the previous foam block, I used 100% silicone as an adhesive to install. Then I just insert the transducer, friction pin, and add a small amount of water. The transducer will be fixed in place until I remove it.

Free STL File