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09/09/2018 10:42PM
If anyone wonders if these trip finder posts work; they do! Had a very nice trip with Bob.
09/10/2018 09:16AM
My crews 4 and 5 years ago added excellent people met through this Trip Partner Finder site. Great trips.
08/13/2018 05:35AM
Hey Bob, if you decide to take a less aggressive trip I am hoping to be going at the same time. Pete
08/13/2018 10:00PM
I am flexible as to dates and details on this trip.

If interested in doing a tandem or a dual solo with me:

Bob Beutel
08/03/2018 09:21PM
Bow paddler injured shoulder and can't go.
Getting Anderson tow to Snow Bay on Lac La Croix, then pick up at Bottle Portage at east end of LLC.
EP 12
This is basically a no portage trip because I am 75 years young. Portages on day trips OK.
Willing to do a little fishing, but mainly out for scenery and relaxing.
Kinda spendy - boat rides total $630.

See my profile for contact info.