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10/15/2015 06:14PM
I'll be at Jim Edger State Park for the weekend , where are you headed?
10/15/2015 06:29PM
That's this Saturday right? That sounds cool. Forest preserve lake by me. Chicago area. I've got them before. Half a crawler on four pound test. Throw a spinner out, you can have two lines fishing. Get there early and jog to your spot. While everyone is wishing you got three in the pot.

I may rig one rod with two hooks at different levels. Trout will cruise around the stocked lakes at a certain depth. Of course, that's hard to cast out from the bank. Probably two feet is max spread you can expect to cast out and not foul it up ninety percent of the time. Might not be worth it. But you never know, you could get a twofer!
Good luck!