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05/01/2016 12:20PM
OF - Thanks. Good info.
04/26/2016 08:19AM
Sugar River forest preserve nw of Shirland, IL has a walk-in area and you camp on the riverbank. Never saw more than a few tents in there at one time.
04/26/2016 10:47AM
Sand Ridge State Forest. Hike in backcountry sites. So far, the best state park camping I have done in IL.
As usual, see report here.
05/02/2016 12:10PM
I expect to get to Siloam and Jubilee as my hiking project continues.
04/25/2016 08:39PM
Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone has a decent camping recommendation for the local area? I prefer more rural/rustic, so no need for electric hookups.

Just looking for a 1-2 night getaway while my family is out of town.

05/13/2016 08:26PM
Depends on your definition of a weekender. I landed in my living room with the kids. :)
05/13/2016 02:33PM
BF- did you ever go out for a weekender?
Where did you land?
05/01/2016 01:24PM
I wouldn't mind trying Siloam Springs mentioned above. Looks like the hike in sites would be great for a night of two. Thanks OF.
05/01/2016 05:58AM
Siloam Springs State Park down by Clayton, IL has a nice backcountry/ Backpack in campsites to it. Never that busy and the 4 sites are set in some large pine trees. Water is not too far away either down over the hill or on the East leg of the Red Oak Back pack trail.

Not too far away in IA you have the Yellow River State Forest which is really nice and has 4 different campsites to backpack to. Also Kickapoo Valley Reserve in WI is nice.

Supposedly you can do dispersed camping/Backpack camping in Jubilee College SP down by Peoria, IL if you talk to the rangers there.
04/30/2016 08:28PM
Primitive hike in camping in the Shawnee National Forest. A bit of a drive but pretty cool.