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12/16/2020 04:21PM
A regular on the now-cancelled Live from Here, Brittany Haas just won Instrumentalist of the Year for the Americana Music Awards (John Prine was named Artist of the Year).

Some of you might enjoy her music on your next road trip to this wonderful place.

12/17/2020 04:09PM
What a nice honor for her, first heard her on Live From Here, a great talent. Good suggestion to put her on a traveling to the B-Dub playlist. Driving to Bluegrass and fiddle music makes the miles whiz by. I have a couple of Bluegrass mixes that I've been playing for years while driving North. Thanks for pointing that out.
12/18/2020 07:32AM

My dad’s cousin Marci and her husband Jon were long time collaborators with Chris Thile’s predecessor.

She was probably the source of his "degree in library sciences" references.
Their band The Brandy Snifters suffered from stage freight too much to do many live shows. They played once on Keillor’s The Morning Program and once a couple years into PHC.

12/20/2020 03:25PM
Cool story I-13!

One of my favorite PHC moments was when Paula Poundstone was on the show, noting that the stage even had people seated in the area where they could only see the backs of the performers. Not one to hold back and speaking directly to Thiele's predecessor, Poundstone quipped, "What?! Is this so they can see ALL of you?"