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09/09/2019 07:22AM
If you are aiming for solitude you should be looking at dead end lakes that have no loops. Or you aim for mid may or late September to later.
04/10/2019 11:27AM
I would agree with this. I have not gone on one of these trips but my backpacking trips are like that. I can find solitude with the occasional "Hello" to someone.
08/09/2016 03:45PM
From member bwcadan:

Bill nor I worry too much about pure solitude. Being from cities, the few people and canoes that we encounter do not register as a negative on our scale. A back bay, an island between us and the main waterway, or a couple of hundred yards from traveled routes and we are good to go. Having never had any invasive folks come by and stay in our space off shore, probably tint the sense of our thinking