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08/11/2016 07:49PM
I absolutely need to bring chairs on our next trip! I might bring the 1980s aluminum webbing chairs on our next trip... or perhaps I'll start looking around for some ideas. Either way, I don't want to just sit on a rock or my life jacket this next trip.
08/09/2016 03:53PM
From member bwcadan:

Bill and I found a close out at Dick's on quite sturdy rocking chairs. We each got one, The rocking itself is set up above the ground so not the traditional style you might have at home. They are too heavy for the traditional travel routes, but sitting in them looking out over the lake is hard to beat. The perfect camps have trees which allow for moving them 3 times a day. Gorp and views!! Add in comfort and good reading, It hard to beat.

Additionally, I take a flexlite chair which I leave in the tent. I got rubber protectors for the chair which so far have kept the pressure from gouging any holes in the tent floor. Cotton balls placed in the receptors help keep the pressure points from ripping the seams from the stress of my weight. A LED light and reading in the tent is a nice touch to the end of a very relaxing day.

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Grandma L
08/19/2016 09:50AM
We really love having chairs. We even have a special pack for them.