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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum :: COVID-19 Information and Discussion :: Solo tripper, how do I get my double user fee reduced?
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05/27/2020 09:35PM
Typically, when I check in they refund $16 for a solo user. What's the mechanism with virtual print outs?

05/30/2020 06:49AM
Well, I would guess that the same boxes need to be completed and
Party size is one of them. What if the permit was for 2 and then the party was actually 9? There must be that option or the USFS would be out a ton of user fees money, a percentage of which comes back the the Forest it was issued.

This is my guess. I’d just call an outfitter from this site and ask.
05/30/2020 05:53PM
I was wondering this exact question. I have a solo trip coming up, and I have a trip for which I am listed as trip leader but will not be going so we paid for 3 and only 2 will be on it. I'll be watching to see what people find out.
05/28/2020 09:31AM
when your permit is issued, the cooperator or person issuing puts in exactly how many people on trip, so you would then get the other refund to your CC via don't expect the permit issuer to give you any money.
05/28/2020 01:03PM
Exactly, Mocha, but the OP asks how to make this work when printing the reservation letter and going straight in. Lots of groups will have this same question: solo trips charged for minimum of two travelers, trips taken with different number of travelers than originally reserved, Senior Pass card holders and other discounting, etc.

05/31/2020 10:51PM
Here's a new one on me... the first permit for which I could make indication online of my Senior Pass ownership. My wife is paying the full $16.00 fee, but I was pleased (and surprised) when my fee changed to the discounted $8.00. Then, upon checkout, they added a "User Fee Deposit" of $8.00 to make up the difference.

Why do they have to be so difficult? And, if I just print out the reservation confirmation letter and go straight into the wilderness, what hoops do I jump through to get my "Deposit" back?

05/31/2020 09:11PM
I have the same issue. Did not get my deposit refund from my solo trip. No response from
05/28/2020 08:50AM
dew042: "Typically, when I check in they refund $16 for a solo user. What's the mechanism with virtual print outs?


I'm guessing the only option is to switch your issuing station to one that is open and issuing conventional permits.