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Garmin eTrex Legend H GPS

Garmin eTrex Legend H GPS

Product Description

Sporting a new, high-sensitivity receiver and USB interface, the compact Garmin eTrex Legend H GPS features easy-to-use rocker switch, 24 MB of built-in memory, crisp resolution and built-in basemap. High-sensitivity chipset delivers fast signal acquisition and lock for reception in narrow valleys, dense woodlands and urban jungles. Innovative rocker switch accommodates quick and accurate panning, selection and Enter functions. Built-in memory allows you to download points of interest and detailed maps using Garmin MapSource software (sold separately); USB interface allows high-speed downloads. High resolution display features 4-level gray scale and high contrast for easy viewing. Includes a built-in general basemap and nautical navigational aids for North and South America. Track your route and find your way back with Garmin's exclusive TracBack feature. Store up to 1,000 waypoints with graphic icons. eTrex maintains tight satellite-lock, even through dense forest, by continuously tracking up to 12 satellites. Trip computer calculates current and average speed, sunset and sunrise, trip time and distance. Weatherproof body keeps eTrex functioning in wet conditions; waterproof to IEC 529 lPX7 standards. WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) enabled receiver delivers sub-3m accuracy. Comes with USB interface cable, lanyard, owner's manual and quick reference guide.

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distinguished member(540)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
11/29/2009 09:53AM
this is a simple, no B.S. gps unit that works well for people at the entry level. i have had no problems with mine up until 3 weeks ago when it completely crashed. however i sent it in to garmin, and they said the repair would be covered by them. the pre-loaded basemap is next to useless for any navigation off of roads, so purchasing or downloading an improved, more detailed map set is a must for any backcountry navigation. just remember that the mapsets do not show campsites, so this is intended to work in concert with your map and compass. other than that, this is a solid unit.
senior member (77)senior membersenior member
07/16/2015 02:28PM
I have had this GPS for years and is very reliable. It is not the fanciest GPS on the market, but for your basic needs it works great.