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Apisphere Geomate.jr Geocacher

Apisphere Geomate.jr Geocacher

Product Description

Finally, an affordable and easy way to get in on the geocaching fun! The Apisphere Geomate.jr geocacher provides everything you need right out of the box to embark on your first geocache adventure. The family-friendly Apisphere Geomate.jr comes preloaded with approximately 250,000 geocache locations covering all 50 U.S. states. Simply turn the unit on and it will navigate you to your current location's closest geocache; hit the "Next" button and Geomate.jr will direct you to the next closest cache. Along with cache location, Apisphere Geomate.jr provides important information like size, terrain, difficulty rating and the ID code for each cache. Don't worry about getting lost-Apisphere Geomate.jr allows you to set a "home" waypoint to which it can guide you back. Displays compass heading, latitude and longitude. Visit log allows you to mark geocaches and review them later to keep track of which caches you've already found. With new caches being created all the time, an optional update kit (sold separately) allows you to add all the newest caches to the Apisphere Geomate.jr database. Apisphere Geomate.jr is powered by 2 AAA batteries (sold separately).

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