BWCA Entry Point: 64 - East Bearskin Lake

Permits Available:
Method of Entry:
Overnight Paddle or Motor
Ranger Station:
Gunflint - 26 miles from office
Entry Point Notes:
  • 4 entry permit(s) granted per calendar day. (May 1st - Sept. 30th)
  • Motors allowed on East Bearskin Lake only. No motors on Alder and Canoe.
  • Latitude: 48.0407 Longitude: -90.3800
- Red dot identifies approx. location of campsite.***
- Pin identifies starting location.
- Yellow triangle identifies portage point
- Closed campsite.***

*BWCA Entry Point information courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service

***NOTICE: Campsite and portage locations are approximated. The Forest Service periodically removes and adds campsites within the BWCA. Campsites are also often occupied by other groups so please always have backup campsites in mind which feasibility fit with your itinerary. Portage trail can be unmaintained and rerouted. When planning a Boundary Waters trip, you should purchase maps of the BWCA for use in detailed planning and navigation.
Weather can make travel dangerous or impossible in the BWCA. Be prepared to alter plans and plan according to your groups ability to navigate more difficult water.
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