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09/05/2023 01:59PM
Portaging from Trout to Pine, May 2022

10/05/2023 04:04PM
beaverfever: " "

Clearwater Lake? Looking East?
I thought that "Name That Lake" didn't start until January.
09/04/2023 02:08PM

09/05/2023 04:59AM

09/25/2023 02:07AM
4/5ths of the Shaw family after a week of camping in the rain.
June 1992 - Portage between Ham Lake and Cross Bay Lake. EP-50.

09/04/2023 10:21PM
Hauling the heaviest pack out of Meeds Lake.
09/05/2023 08:41AM
First of the six portages heading east from Trant to Silence. Note canoe lower right, about to climb Mont Cardiohorn.

09/05/2023 02:09PM
Arrive' Grand Portage

09/05/2023 02:24PM
wisabe: " We were not alone on our portage
A brood of about 15 Grouse joined us on our portage on Ensign Lake. Not a care in the world. They just clucked and stepped out of the way> "

09/05/2023 03:10PM

Ada Creek Portage
09/05/2023 10:50AM
Phoebe River portage
09/19/2023 12:39AM

Beatty Rail Portage
09/20/2023 02:51PM
Doug Little portaging past rapids on the Kawishiwi River in early September. I was told this was his 54th trip into the BWCA.

09/25/2023 08:50PM

Lower Pauness to Shell Lake. Portage to the wetland. Walk as far as you can go and then stop. Reload canoe with gear. Paddle across the deep stretch. Unload again and resume portage. Fun stuff and a beautiful spot.
10/05/2023 01:07PM

09/15/2023 12:50PM

09/15/2023 06:46PM

09/29/2023 10:15AM

09/22/2023 10:37PM
First experience with Quetico style portages

Bit to Bell

10/11/2023 03:20PM
LesliesDad: "beaverfever: " "

Clearwater Lake? Looking East?
I thought that "Name That Lake" didn't start until January."

Looks like Saganaga to me at the lone campsite that is southeast of the clump of campsites on American Point.
09/03/2023 08:21AM
It is time to start the September Photo Contest, as well as, Trip Report Contest.

Monthly Theme: Portaging in Canoe Country

Show us those portaging photos!

The winner receives their choice of a hat, shirt, or other optional prizes available each month.

Trip Report Contest: Any trip report published monthly is in the running for winning the prize.

Photo Contest winners are automatically included in a run-off for the photo of the year and the year-end prize!

Remember 1 entry per person, please. This helps us vote accurately.

- You must be signed in as a member with a valid email address in your profile to enter (or win).
- You can only enter one photo per monthly contest. You can enter the same photo if it did not win with it prior.
- Photos don't need to be taken in the month of the photo contest. You can enter any photo you have taken which matches the theme.
- You must be the photographer of the photo and have the right to post it.
- Photos are entered in the contest by making a reply posting to this message and using the "Add a photo to this message" link during composition. This will allow you to upload a photo from your computer to the contest or allow you to select a photo that you have already loaded into your photo gallery on this site. If you want to enter your photo in another way, please contact us.
- Please describe in the message the location of the photo.
- Judging will be done by the staff and moderators.
- A member may win once per year.
- Photos must be posted to this thread by 11:59pm on Sept 30th. Photos must be in jpg (jpeg) or png format and uploaded to this site.

Thank you for participating!
09/23/2023 01:01PM

09/05/2023 09:23PM

Alex in the mudpit on the Bower Trout portage!
09/06/2023 10:59AM
The View From my Front Door
Brule Lake
10/31/2023 07:47AM

Congratulations to the winners of the September contests!

Photo Contest: PortageRunner
Trip Report Contest: TrailZen
Extra Prize: PJMImage

Thank you everyone for posting great photos and trip reports!

09/07/2023 09:55AM

09/09/2023 07:01AM
Photo of my recently deceased paddling partner Clyde "Buzzy" Tackett
on the Curtain Falls Portage ... RIP my friend!

09/21/2023 08:16AM

09/21/2023 06:59PM
Another trip down memory lane, this time from our fall canoe trip in 2004. On the end of the 50-rod portage from Allen to Horseshoe there was this big fallen tree. It was nearing the end of the trip so the food pack I was carrying was quite light. I made it over the log, even with my short legs--no problem. Spartan1 was following behind me with the much heavier tent pack. I heard the thump, I turned, and I laughed out loud! He was also laughing, but he said, "Surely you aren't going to take a picture of me like this?"

Wanna bet?

09/22/2023 09:06PM

Snowy BWCAW portage

Hans Solo
09/21/2023 05:23PM

09/25/2023 08:27PM
09/03/2023 01:20PM

09/28/2023 02:13PM

Rat to Rose Lake Portage Canadian Border Marker
09/29/2023 11:29AM
Portij: " "

Where is this located?
10/03/2023 06:06PM

Rest stop along The Long Portage