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09/03/2023 08:21AM  
It is time to start the September Photo Contest, as well as, Trip Report Contest.

Monthly Theme: Portaging in Canoe Country

Show us those portaging photos!

The winner receives their choice of a hat, shirt, or other optional prizes available each month.

Trip Report Contest: Any trip report published monthly is in the running for winning the prize.

Photo Contest winners are automatically included in a run-off for the photo of the year and the year-end prize!

Remember 1 entry per person, please. This helps us vote accurately.

- You must be signed in as a member with a valid email address in your profile to enter (or win).
- You can only enter one photo per monthly contest. You can enter the same photo if it did not win with it prior.
- Photos don't need to be taken in the month of the photo contest. You can enter any photo you have taken which matches the theme.
- You must be the photographer of the photo and have the right to post it.
- Photos are entered in the contest by making a reply posting to this message and using the "Add a photo to this message" link during composition. This will allow you to upload a photo from your computer to the contest or allow you to select a photo that you have already loaded into your photo gallery on this site. If you want to enter your photo in another way, please contact us.
- Please describe in the message the location of the photo.
- Judging will be done by the staff and moderators.
- A member may win once per year.
- Photos must be posted to this thread by 11:59pm on Sept 30th. Photos must be in jpg (jpeg) or png format and uploaded to this site.

Thank you for participating!
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09/03/2023 01:20PM  
09/04/2023 02:08PM  
distinguished member(5536)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
09/04/2023 10:21PM  
Hauling the heaviest pack out of Meeds Lake.
09/05/2023 04:59AM  
09/05/2023 08:41AM  
First of the six portages heading east from Trant to Silence. Note canoe lower right, about to climb Mont Cardiohorn.
09/05/2023 10:50AM  
Phoebe River portage
09/05/2023 01:59PM  
Portaging from Trout to Pine, May 2022
distinguished member (107)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/05/2023 02:09PM  
Arrive' Grand Portage
09/05/2023 02:24PM  
wisabe: " We were not alone on our portage
A brood of about 15 Grouse joined us on our portage on Ensign Lake. Not a care in the world. They just clucked and stepped out of the way> "
09/05/2023 03:10PM  

Ada Creek Portage
09/05/2023 09:23PM  

Alex in the mudpit on the Bower Trout portage!
09/06/2023 10:59AM  
The View From my Front Door
Brule Lake
09/07/2023 09:55AM  
member (10)member
09/09/2023 07:01AM  
This is one of my favorite photos of my recently deceased paddling partner Clyde"Buzzy" Tackett enjoying a moonlit night and campfire on the point campsite on Saturday Bay. RIP my friend!

09/15/2023 12:50PM  
senior member (64)senior membersenior member
09/15/2023 06:46PM  
distinguished member (203)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/19/2023 12:39AM  

Beatty Rail Portage
09/20/2023 02:51PM  
Doug Little portaging past rapids on the Kawishiwi River in early September. I was told this was his 54th trip into the BWCA.
member (11)member
09/21/2023 08:16AM  
09/21/2023 05:23PM  
09/21/2023 06:59PM  
Another trip down memory lane, this time from our fall canoe trip in 2004. On the end of the 50-rod portage from Allen to Horseshoe there was this big fallen tree. It was nearing the end of the trip so the food pack I was carrying was quite light. I made it over the log, even with my short legs--no problem. Spartan1 was following behind me with the much heavier tent pack. I heard the thump, I turned, and I laughed out loud! He was also laughing, but he said, "Surely you aren't going to take a picture of me like this?"

Wanna bet?

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