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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum :: Trip Planning Forum :: Entry Point of the Week: EP 54 - Seagull Lake
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11/07/2020 01:25PM
One of my favorite entry points. So many excellent options for variety - sightseeing, fishing etc. It really does have it all.
05/17/2020 04:56PM

This weeks entry point of the week is EP 54 - Seagull Lake.

Seagull lake is a gateway to the center of the BWCA and border from the East. Many great routes can be had from Seagull with some of the most historic being into Knife lake, former home to Dorthy Molter, the root beer lady.

Take a minute to peruse the maps and trip reports in this area.

Take a minute to rate some campsites and portages in this area if you have been through it recently.

05/17/2020 11:31PM
If the wind is down when you are on Seagull, Ogish is a chip shot. We had no problem getting to SAK on day one last year double portaging. Best of luck on your trip!
05/17/2020 11:02PM
I will be there in a week. Hope to make it to Ogish to set up camp for night # one.