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06/05/2022 02:38PM
Just back from a week on Knife Lake. Frozen meat in the cooler was thawed in a few days. Used most of the bacon. I ate the rest for breakfast this morning... pretty much un-refrigerated for a week.
06/04/2022 07:02PM
I have been using the precooked Hormel stuff in the black box for as long as I can remember and it is fine but not awesome.

Does anyone bring better bacon that doesn’t need refrigeration?
06/07/2022 09:43AM
During cooler shoulder season temperatures, I have brought Neuske's smoked /cured bacon, just in my pack, not frozen or packed in a cooler. When at home, I tend to go for the smoked/UNcured Neuske's but I let be the curing be any added extra insurance out in the bush. Neuske's actually smokes it '(as opposed to a lot of grocery store bacon being quickly liquid smoked) for like 18 hours. On top of that, it is then cooked pretty thoroughly before being eaten. ( I like with a little wiggle to it, not crispy/crunchy)

Never had a problem, I think of all the other salted/cured/smoked meats that are sold not refrigerated/off the shelf.

Plus, Neuske's is absolutely amazing bacon.

P.S. make sure to use the fat to cook whatever else you need to sauté/fry ;)