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06/04/2022 07:02PM  
I have been using the precooked Hormel stuff in the black box for as long as I can remember and it is fine but not awesome.

Does anyone bring better bacon that doesn’t need refrigeration?
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06/05/2022 02:38PM  
Just back from a week on Knife Lake. Frozen meat in the cooler was thawed in a few days. Used most of the bacon. I ate the rest for breakfast this morning... pretty much un-refrigerated for a week.
06/07/2022 09:43AM  
During cooler shoulder season temperatures, I have brought Neuske's smoked /cured bacon, just in my pack, not frozen or packed in a cooler. When at home, I tend to go for the smoked/UNcured Neuske's but I let be the curing be any added extra insurance out in the bush. Neuske's actually smokes it '(as opposed to a lot of grocery store bacon being quickly liquid smoked) for like 18 hours. On top of that, it is then cooked pretty thoroughly before being eaten. ( I like with a little wiggle to it, not crispy/crunchy)

Never had a problem, I think of all the other salted/cured/smoked meats that are sold not refrigerated/off the shelf.

Plus, Neuske's is absolutely amazing bacon.

P.S. make sure to use the fat to cook whatever else you need to sauté/fry ;)
10/13/2022 09:13PM  
First week of August, our group of 5 had bacon 3 times with no problem. The bacon was the 72 count package available at Sam's which is sold at room temperature. We fried it up while fixing pancakes on a different stove.
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10/29/2022 09:22AM  
I find with precooked bacon the regular style slices are too thin. Try any brand you like in the thick sliced style when you can find it. Boars Head brand has that thick sliced style in the precooked. You get less slices & have to buy more packages to get the amount of bacon you need for a meal, but it’s more enjoyable to me & worth it.
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