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09/08/2015 10:18AM
New Trip Report posted by adludwig

Trip Name: Ruby's First Trip.

Entry Point: 66

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09/08/2015 12:05PM
Sounds like a great time. Ruby is a trooper.
09/09/2015 07:18AM
I love it!!! What a great smile she has. Thanks for sharing! My daddy/daughter trips are my favorite. I alternate each year which daughter goes and my older daughter went at 5,7,and 9 and my younger daughter at 5 and 7. It's my older daughters turn next year and both of them talk about their last trip and their next trip all of the time. They also get a new patch each trip that they have sewn on their pink ccs rucksack.

Both of them want to go to Crocodile for their next trip.

09/10/2015 09:55AM
thanks for the report and great pics. It took me back to when I first took my daughters to the BWCAW.