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Guest Paddler
04/27/2004 11:48AM
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Guest Paddler
04/27/2004 11:48AM
Since a good fishing day is very subjective, I was wondering what people here thought was a good day of fishing.

I know, I day in the boundary waters and not at work. I mean numbers, lengths and species of fish.

What do you consider a good fishing day?
04/27/2004 12:12PM
For me a good day of fishing is catching anything as long as I am enjoying the surroundings, the peace and quiet, my partner if I am with someone, the breeze on my face, the sun, the loons and wildlife.

In other words a bad day fishing beats a good day at work hands down.
member (38)member
04/27/2004 12:41PM
id have to agree with bogwalker on the surroundings part
but as far as the catch goes, i throw most of what i catch back. but i will keep a few eyes or a smallie or two for dinner but usually the smaller ones of both spieces.
now what i consider a really good day is when i get fish to hit fly patterns i came up with myself or when the smallies are feeling rather greedy. size is not really important but there is nothing like hooking a 20+ inch smallie on a 5 weight or that stray 30+ inch pike that only get hooked in thed corner of the mouth on my 5 weight.
hell i guess it dont really matter cause after all any time on the water with my dogs and friends is a good day.
distinguished member(923)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/27/2004 01:09PM
hmmm.... enough for lunch and dinner.
Variety is the spice of life... a good day would include eater size walleye and lakers, with a couple bronzebacks and a decent pike (30+ incher).

A great day is the day everyone else is skunked, not catching as many fish, or I get the biggest fish. I do well with numbers, now if I can just get the biggest but every time I turn around the group raises the bar.

Guest Paddler
04/27/2004 02:14PM
I think I have had pretty good numbers in the past but I was not sure what a good day was to everyone. Of course just being in the BWCAW is beautiful but that is a given. I fish mostly for smallies and have caught 15 a day. Throw in a a bunch of pike and it makes for a lot of fun.

I would say most of the fish I have caught are small though. I guess I would like to hear that people are catching numbers of smallies bigger than 17 inches and pike bigger than 25.

I have caught plenty of smaller fish in my life, I would like to get into a bunch of fatties for pictures. I also release all but a couple for dinner. Some days I keep nothing.

Anyone get larger fish or bigger numbers in the middle of june?
Arkansas Man
04/27/2004 09:09PM
Generally, just catching enough to keep it interesting and enjoying the scenery and wildlife. Best day I had was the last week in June last year. We went in on a Saturday caught fish Saturday, Sunday, a few on Monday, none on Tuesday, a few on Wednesday, could not fish Thursday because of cold, wind and rain... But Friday made up for it all my partner and I caught and released over 100 smallmouth and largemouth that day... but we had to leave Saturday... but, I am going back there this year, same time, same place, and hopefully the same results.
Guest Paddler
04/28/2004 08:00AM
Now those are the stories I like to hear. A 100 fish day would be fantastic. What was the lure of choice, color and depth on that occasion. TELL ME MORE!
distinguished member (183)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/28/2004 08:45AM
Maybe I set my sights too low. If I get into double digits I am pretty happy. That or one really nice fish. That being said, if you want to hand me a 100 fish day, I won't say no.

Arkansas Man
04/28/2004 02:38PM
Okay, here is the story. Like I said in the above post, we had a fair week of fishing because of storms, wind, and rain. That Friday dawned clear with a little wind and we decided to make the most of it fishing since we had to leave the next day. We started around 7:30 and fished until about 6:30, or until we were tired! We caught the fish on leeches under slip corks, gitzits (3 inch tubes... smoke/red flake) and topwater (jitterbug and chugger) biggest was a spawned out 20 inch smallmouth, and a largemouth around 2 1/2 to 3 pounds. But, was it a day to remember!!! And yes I am going back to that lake for a day or two of fishing this year. I guess you want to know what lake it was now... right? It was a lake inappropriately named Disappointment. Most of the smallies came from ledges, and drop-offs in the southwest area of the lake, and the largemouths came from the same area around fallen trees and brush. I do not know more to tell you other than if you go there... have fun and release a few... I will be back the last week in June. Have fun and God Bless.

Here's a picture of one of the largemouth.
04/28/2004 02:57PM

Nice smallie and not a Dissappointment at all. Thanks for sharing.
senior member (99)senior membersenior member
04/28/2004 10:35PM
Anybody ever set the hook on a fish and tip the boat over? neither
senior member (86)senior membersenior member
04/29/2004 07:17PM
fish like this one make a good day for me.

this one was from turtle lake in the bald eagle, clearwater, gull loop

Guest Paddler
04/30/2004 07:37AM
Beautiful pike, how big was it? What did you catch it on? Were you fishing for pike? What time of year?
member (32)member
04/30/2004 11:57AM
No, not tip over the canoe. However, I was trolling for northern in Quetico once when my rod just about got torn from between my legs. It seriously felt like I had hooked a rock. My partner and I actually had to paddle backwords because I couldn't make any headway on it. As we got close to it I started bringing it up off the bottom, I was sure it was a log. Then, bam zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. There went my drag. Apparently logs can swim, and quite quickly at that. It took probably a good 10-15 minutes to get the fish tired out. However, it was too big to land by hand and we didn't have a net. I have caught several 40+ in pike. This fish was by far bigger than any other I had caught. It was just that big, there is nothing I can compare it to. Nor can I even begin to estimate how big this fish was. About 20 yards away there was a rock that was stuck out of the water. We rowed over to it, I handed my brother in law the rod. As i was getting myself out of the canoe, the northern decided to take one last attempt at freedom. My leader said enough is enough, and the snap tore open. Damn shame to have such a nice fishing swimming around with a lure in its mouth. I know w/o a pick it's just a fish story, but it is a fish story I won't soon forget.

Now to the subject of a good day. Four years ago I took a trip with my Dad, Uncle, and a buddy from school. Between the four of us we caught 15 10+ pound pike in the span of about 6 hours. Not to mention the countless walleyes we caught. I consider that the platinum of all fishing days. However, if I'm out on the water it's a good fishing day. The photo submitted was taken durring that trip. I was sixteen years old and it was my first trip into quetico.
Guest Paddler
05/03/2004 02:50PM

On a week long per day average for myself and my friends, we catch
about 10-12 smallies (per person) most in the 2.5 lb range with enough in the 19"-21" range to keep it very interesting. We always come away with at least a few walleys apiece and have every year landed some trophy Pike, 35+ inches.
One thing you may factor in is length of time on the water. when we fish we fish all day, dawn to dark.
Catch and release keeps it good for everyone.
Guest Paddler
05/04/2004 07:56AM
I want to crack the 20 inch club this year. I have caught plenty of dink smallies but plan to get a big girl come June.

I was wondering what realesitc numbers of fish were. I would take bigger fish over numbers on many trips.

Wishin I was Fishin
05/09/2004 11:03PM
I will be in the Turtle Lake area at the end of May. What parts of the lake are hot? Are there any other areas along the Kiwishiwi that house big pike?
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