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05/10/2017 08:19AM
Yet another top-mount canister stove to ponder. Showed up in my Massdrop email today. Any comments, butthead? Might be worth a chance at $32. And, can order it with a good- looking 1 liter solo pot for $17 more.
Kovea Supalite Titanium Stove
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05/10/2017 08:44AM
Kovea is a well known quality outdoor gear maker and supplies parts and complete stoves to MSR. They are on the high side for prices. Several similar canister top stoves can be found below $10 Camping Picnic BBQ Gas Stove 3000W F1S4
I have a $7 burner very similar to the Kovea you listed, smaller than my PocketRocket and works/heats the same.

If your looking for established brands search for Kovea, Maple Fire, Alocs, Olicamp, BRS, among other more customary brands. Off brands that I have all were good burners, some have plastic mountings and thin SS pot supports. I'll buy off brand for odd designs, my preference goes to remote tanks.

For liquid fuel remote tank stoves stick with well known brands MSR, Optimus, Primus. The Oriental versions do not have the quality and use some odd size o-rings, fuel bottles, and thread sizes.

05/10/2017 08:44AM
No Brand Oriental Clone Stoves
An old video I posted some time ago, patience it's a bit large of a buffer loading.

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05/15/2017 06:45AM
As per the blog site "Adventures in stoving" I became aware of the Kovea spyder remote and like it more than my MSR windpro. It is of a more compact design and yet has just as large a burner and equal simmering capabilities. Just better IMO and substantially cheaper as well.
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