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06/17/2017 03:11PM
I am still looking...I found a Mad River Explorer made in 96. It needs nothing as it had recently been gel coated and has new strips on the bottom. The guy is asking $1400....Very nice clean boat so what is a fair offer?
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06/17/2017 08:42PM
Bought a Explorer blue special edition in February. Its kevlar and the only thing wrong, it had a chip in the gel coat on the bow. It was an easy fix. I believe mine was made in 92. I paid 750 for it and 3 paddles. Larry
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06/19/2017 01:09PM
The Mad River Explorer Kevlar was the outfitter's canoe of the 1990's.

Unless this canoe has never been in the water and you want hang on your living room wall, I would only pay $750.00 to $800.00 for 21 year old canoe.

I have 1999 Mad River Explorer (outfitter model with internal kevlar keel) that I bought in 2002 for $1,200.00 and would probably ask $900.00 or so.

I think the guy is asking way to much. Add a couple hundred dollars and buy a 3 year old Wenonah or Souris River from an outfitter in Ely.
06/19/2017 05:54PM
Is there a website for Outfitters liquidating canoes?
06/20/2017 09:42AM
You probably have to contact the outfitters directly. I know that Bob @ Sylvania Outfitters eventually sells off his old Souris River Q17s, but they usually need repairs. A few years ago he told me he'll sell them for as low as 700ish depending on condition.
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