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      Current Beartrap River and portage conditions?     
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07/06/2017 06:59PM

We are traveling up the Beartrap River (Iron Lake to Beartrap Lake w/stop on Sunday Lake) the first week in August and are looking for current information on the portage trail conditions. I went this way about 6 years ago and it was not too bad but portage condition change when the trail is not maintained.

I went on the portage clearing trip this spring and we cleared lots of small pines off the trail that layed down because of some heavy wet snow early in the winter. In some places the trail would be blocked for 5 to 10 rods.

Has anyone traveled up or down the Beartrap River this season and can report on the current condition?


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member (20)member
07/07/2017 09:26AM
I am very interested in what you find. I plan on going Bear Trap lake to Iron next May.
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