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07/18/2017 03:13PM
Have a 1995 Loon for sale. Just have too many boats. In very good condition.

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distinguished member(1080)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/18/2017 10:46PM
Wow, did not know mine was worth that much. Good to know, but will not sell it. It rounds off my 6 Sawyers in total in the fleet.
07/19/2017 01:00PM

Guess the price is high enough so I can still keep it around if something happens to my 85 Loon. Had 3 Loons last year getting a falcon from Savage river to replace the one I'm selling. Not entirely sure how close it is to the Loon or if it can replace one. Over the years have had 6 different Loons. At some time in your life you realize your just a collector. Fifteen boats laying around is a little crazy. People are starting to think I'm a dealer or have some sort of fedish. If I sell 3 boats my wife will have more than me :)

member (20)member
08/23/2017 10:20PM
Is this still for sale?
08/25/2017 09:03AM
quote DJJRW7: "Is this still for sale?
08/25/2017 09:04AM
Still for sale at $1800
member (20)member
08/25/2017 10:04AM
Where is the boat located? Can you please send pictures to

member (6)member
09/22/2017 02:16PM
hello,is the loon still for sale .let me know if it is .my e-mail is thank you very much george
member (6)member
09/22/2017 02:26PM

hi let me know if its still for sale
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